Get the Bigger Picture from Broadcasters with New Full Screen Streams!

July 25, 2019 • 7 min read

Live broadcasts from members on have now become even more engaging with the latest app upgrade that brings full screen streaming to your smartphone. The app now takes advantage of your whole phone display to delight you with a bigger, better and more beautiful streaming experience. You can now see a member’s webcam feed filling every inch of your screen, while the public chat and virtual gift section is overlaid on top of the screen so you don’t miss a thing.

The app streaming feature lets you discover new people in a new and relaxing way. Live broadcasts are an original means to match up because members can instantly get a window onto someone’s world to see how they move, how they talk and how they behave. Viewers can chat direct with all broadcasters in a public conversation, and even send them virtual gifts to bring extra happiness and attract attention. The chance to fill your whole phone screen with video broadcasts is a very welcome development from

The latest update from is even more important due to a pair of new features also recently added to the app. The broadcast together and group streaming features have brought even more excitement to members. These features get the best out of streaming and show its full potential when applied to global online dating. From two-way interviews and party chat to talent shows and collaborations, joint broadcasting adds plenty of options to the online dating world.

Why are full screen streams more important because of joint broadcasting? Well, when two members get together to share one broadcast both of their webcam streams appear in one window. And when multiple members join a group-streaming broadcast, every webcam feed is displayed in a split-screen window. That means the bigger the screen the better the view will be for people watching on their phone.

Let’s take a look at the main points of the new full screen streaming app upgrade:

• Broadcasts will now fill the entire smartphone screen of those watching.
• Public chats are laid over the top of the video stream.
• The virtual gifts section appears at the bottom of the full screen.
• Joint broadcasts include the main streamer in full screen mode, with a co-broadcaster’s smaller stream offset in the bottom corner.
• Group broadcasters appear in a split-screen format, which now occupies the whole screen. is an action-packed app that’s got millions of members and unlimited opportunity. Meeting singles worldwide via the app is an experience quite unlike any other dating service available. Live broadcasting brings a real difference to finding a match online. And now it’s got even better with full screen streaming.

The app is going from strength to strength with a series of updates including live broadcasting, offline mode, and now full screen streaming. It’s fast becoming the best online dating app on the market.

Download the app today and try the new way to find love worldwide. Fill your life with something exciting!