Your New Way to Date in 2019: Broadcast & Watch Live!

August 1, 2019 • 16 min read

Global dating service has recently launched a thrilling new way for singles to meet and date worldwide via its app. Broadcasting live via smartphone app to an unlimited audience of admirers is set to make meeting new people and finding matches even more fun and effective. Plus, the extra options of broadcasting together and group streaming are sure to add a very lively party atmosphere to the experience.

The new in-app streaming feature uses the latest technology to allow members to relax together, be themselves, and achieve better quality matching. Visitors can open the app for iPhone and Android and easily dip in and out of different video streams to get a better idea of the people behind the profiles. Clicking ‘Watch Live’ will quickly show off the looks and personality of those streaming. And those who choose to broadcast live can communicate at once with lots of potential matches to find someone compatible.

Four great modes are available using the broadcasting feature in the app:

• Watch live – all visitors can immediately see everyone broadcasting live on the app. They can watch and message free in the public chat window to ask questions and hit it off. Admirers can also get attention and bring extra happiness by sending virtual gifts to people they like. It’s an entertaining way for members to explore their possible matches.
• Go live – members who are ready to broadcast only need to enable their phone camera and microphone to get started. Broadcasting to a world of singles is the ideal way to give them an idea of how you look, your personality, and what your interests are. It immediately removes the poor transparency often associated with online dating.
• Broadcast together – joint broadcasting is a great option that allows two members to join together for a shared streaming experience. One broadcaster can ask to join another and if they accept then the two members will be connected in the same broadcast. Both members can be seen by all viewers of the stream and everyone can join a fast moving public chat. Sharing screen time can bring two matches closer together and let them hit it off in front of an exciting live audience. Two broadcasters can also turn the joint broadcast into a quick-fire interview to reveal more about themselves to everyone watching. The host broadcaster can also act as a judge during fun talent auditions.
• Group streaming – broadcasting together is even more fun when extra people are added to the party. Multiple users can ask to join a broadcast and interact together in a split-screen watched by an audience including all fans of each particpant. Group broadcasting is a very relaxed way to date and meet new people and ensures that the conversation keeps on moving. A group broadcast can also feature fun party games such as talent contests focused on dancing, singing, and other activities.

For years, singles have been dating online the same slow and hazy way – creating and reading profiles, searching for matches and sending messages one-to-one. But now is about to change all that – revolutionizing the way singles meet and interact online via their smartphones. One-to-many broadcasting gives everyone the chance to play the field, see people more clearly, reveal their personality and find the best matches worldwide.

Download the app and check out who’s broadcasting live right now.